welcome to the basement. its gross in here and the mold made me crazy. do you want some soup or something i got cans of the stuff. thats a lie i just lied to you. i cant stand soup. anyway full disclosure i am very psychotic and this page is gonna reveal that to you. unfortunately there is also very relevant information here so i would at least try to proceed...



you have reached the informational part of my mind.
believe it or not i wasnt always what you see before you. before i was a nobody, a random schmuck with unrealized potential...
a LITTLE HATER with no multiversal future.
but at some point during the heat of the calamity that hit this world
this gave me POWERFUL MIND POWERS...
...and drove me insane.
now im really just a terrible person . among other things...

i already told you my names idiot. its me dirk / rue / TK etc etc in case you already forgot. full name Rue TeleKinesis Diederik Gmail XP Xenon Zydrate Shadow Nitrous ****** D.E.X Chase Broseph Rainbowdash West G. Spamton. dont call me all those things

i am an adult and im basically what happens when you make a cat walk on two legs and teach it to talk. and many other things that would take hours to explain . most relevantly im a fictional introject of dirk strider from homestuck (...et cetera) and a DID system host . if you MUST refer to me then please use he/him, it/its, or ad/ads.

my occupation is professional acquirer of SLACK as is my duty which puts me above traditional employment. i am unpaid scary internet man who talks to you about things you dont care about and i am bad at art . but i plan to get paid for being bad at art one day . DNI if you are good at completing tasks and/or your hobbies

i have a variety of interests , most of which are abstract and unclear . ive taken the time to categorize most of them but ill be brief n condense them into LIKES/DISLIKES...

LIKES: hauntology, speedrunning, old ads, YTP, horses, bugs (partial to centipedes and millipedes), paranormal phenomena, max headroom (mostly as a concept but the tv anthology is fun), the PS1 / PS2, crash twinsanity, psionics, AND MORE...

my current comprehensible fixations are crash bandicoot and mob psycho 100. expect me to talk abt them often

DIS!!!LIKES: the iphone 5, my stupid cousin and his stupid gaming PC with 6tb of storage GODDAMMIT, average temperatures over 75F, the wii

in my true forme im fully unknowable but i hope this site makes my false forme more knowable... here are some fast facts i couldnt fit into the other categories:

i collect CDs and outdated tech in my free time. sometimes i see demons and whatnot. im a furry but im more like a werewolf. i am romantically interested in inanimate objects. i own three fake alien skulls and i hope to one day own a real one. i have a cat and hes a reincarnated wizard i think. i have a grudge against oysters

and speaking of being a furry:

art by 1o1percentmilk and banishedmutt respectively
THIS IS PAXI!! its my fursona and thus an extension of me. paxi is a lab experiment and many animals fused into one--including but not limited to: a house cat, a puma, a tarantula, a komodo dragon, a cuttlefish and a hyena. it has all of these animal traits and none of the intelligence of any of them combined

take a button. do it

im user terukihanazawa on this forum