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Invader ZiM is an animated Nickelodeon show airing from 2001 to 2006 created by comic book artist and known serial teenage art style killer Jhonen Vasquez, previously known for such gorefest scribbly inkvomit comic series such as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, SQUEE and I Feel Sick.
Despite its early cancellation, "it did spawn a cult following almost immediately and became a password for alienated millennials and teenagers everywhere." -- Quote from, some guy at the Guardian at some point in the past, I don't know and I don't care.
In 2015, ONI Press began to release semi-canonical IZ comic issues that ran up until 2020, which I have mixed feelings on.
Later, in 2019, Netflix released a TV movie for the series called Enter the Florpus, which I personally am violently neutral on.
It's the artstyle, honestly. I can just see the Rick and Morty necrosis getting to it. It's honestly pretty sickening. Otherwise pretty good.

honestly what can you say about invader zim? its just invader zim. here look at these ugly ass figurines theyre horrible AAAAAHGHGHHGHHH!!!!!!!!

well i fucking lied i do have a bit more to say about invader zim it turns out!!!!! its so weird to think that i found out about invader zim at any point it feels like i just spawned in knowing about it and being fixated on it. plus its probably the second most influential force affecting my art style which is so fucking obvious if you have eyes that can see.

its also quite funny to think that ive been dibpilled since day fucking one even though every sign would point otherwise. i guess its just my paranoid swag????? or something??? i have a dib page too which im quite proud of. even though its just images. check out the splinters page if youre curious